Dishonesty & Guidelines

The following guidelines must be adhered to before, during, or after taking a test administered by Alliance Computing Solutions. Test takers must refrain from:

  • Communicating with others, other than testing personnel, while taking a test, including giving or receiving assistance from other examinees.
  • Removing or attempting to remove a test book, a test question, or a portion of a test in any way or format from the testing room.
  • Circulating, reproducing, or otherwise obtaining advance access to test materials prior to, during, and after taking a test.
  • Submitting another person’s work as your own, such as taking or attempting to take a test for another person.
  • Falsifying information, forging signatures, and/or presenting false identification, or falsifying information on any of the following: official document, grade report, authorization letter, transcript, test scores or any other type of document.
  • Bringing firearms or weapons of any kind inside the testing center
  • Using or possessing books, notes/papers of any kind, calculators, watches, mechanical pencils, earplugs, hats, headsets, rulers, listening devices (including Bluetooth), paging devices (beepers), cellular phones, tablets, recording or photographic devices, and other aids, unless previously authorized.
  • Creating a disturbance or engaging in any disruptive behavior.
  • Attempting to bribe a member of the test center staff to obtain a copy of a test or test-related information.
  • Attempting to tamper with a computer or any equipment in the testing center.
  • Opening an unauthorized browser during a test administration.
  • Refusing to adhere to instructions given by a testing staff member.
  • Failing to follow directions issued by a staff member of the testing center, including reading or working on a test during a time not authorized.

Please be advised, computer screens are monitored and testing sessions are video recorded via surveillance cameras. Other detection devices may also be used.