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Are you confused about whether to choose the careers as a Home Health Aide, Nurse, or Psychiatric? Read the following points to understand why career as a home health aide is the best. Before we begin, let’s have a brief look at who is a Home health aide? They are also known as HHA and come under helping staff. Nurses Aides provide superintendent care for mentally ill, injured,  physically ill, disabled, or weak individuals. They can work in hospitals, care homes, clinics, and institutions. Home health aides perform similar duties in the patient’s home.

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Why choose a Home Health Aide Career?

This profession has a huge demand and for that reason, the people go for this profession. But why to pursue such a career? Below are some of the reasons that justify this career is one of the demanding careers in the medical field.

Job Growth- As the average life of a human is expected to increase and this leads to increasing demand for helping staff who can take care the elderly people. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the healthcare and social assistance industry is projected to increase 29%, with nearly 22 million jobs through 2022, compared to an average of 11% for all industries. In addition to that, HHA services are projected to be the fastest growing profession.

Benefits- A particular job profession often comes with various benefits, for example- paid vacation and sick time, disability insurance, retirement programs, and medical insurance. These benefits do vary by employer or the organization where you work. Some employers offer some of these benefits, others may offer these or more than these benefits.

Flexible Schedule- HHA does a number of duties and tasks that are required on a variety of schedules. This allows an individual to work for a flexible or non-traditional work schedule. Let’s understand this with an example. If you are working as a freelancer you have an option to work on the daily or weekly basis. If you are working under a company that provides HHA then there are so many customers that only require a helping aide to work at the nights for overnight monitoring of the patients. An HHA can easily work either on a part-time basis or full-time basis.

Employer Diversity- An HHA can work with different employment routes that are available. HHA can work in assisted living facilities, home health agencies, baby daycare, private parties (families), nonprofit organizations, clinics, and adult day programs. You can work according to your interest and feasibility. Different types of benefits, support, and work environment are based on the type of employer.

Enhance your career- If you want to enter the medical field, an HHA can study side-by-side. HHA is a good entry point for those who want to study to become a licensed practical nurse, RN or another profession in the medical sector.

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