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5 in-demand healthcare professions that do not necessitate a college degree.

Many people choose a career in the healthcare industry! Many people aspire to work in this industry because of its prominence and potential financial rewards. If you want to enter a noble and respectable field without a college degree and are open to any work, the healthcare industry could be a good option!

Here is another exciting thing about this field! These jobs tend to pay very well! Due to the increased healthcare demands of people, healthcare providers are continuously expanding their teams. That means a variety of job opportunities are always waiting for eligible and trained candidates. In fact, many jobs are available in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare settings that don’t require a degree.

People often assume that a bachelor’s degree is a must to enter this industry! So, they avoid looking for a job in healthcare. But the truth is, you may get a job in this industry by simply completing high school and specific training. Some demanding jobs require a short certification course, while others require specific training!

Here are the top 5 in-demand professions in the healthcare industry that don’t require a person to complete a college degree!

Home Health Aides-

These professionals are responsible for delivering care to patients in their private homes. They must assist clients with basic daily activities such as laundry, shopping, dressing, bathing, etc. Some HHA’s also prepare meals and snacks for patients! Due to busy lifestyles, people often cannot care for their loved ones who are ill, injured, or physically disabled. Therefore, they often hire HHA to provide general support to their loved ones who need assistance with their daily activities.


A phlebotomist is a key member of the healthcare team who is responsible for drawing blood on patients. These blood samples are used in various medical or clinical tests. The test results can help a doctor further assess a patient’s symptoms and deliver better care to them. That means a phlebotomist plays an important role in diagnosing any medical condition and providing the right medical care to patients.

EKG Technician-

EKG technicians are medical professionals for administer tests that help determine a patient’s cardiovascular health. They are required to perform diagnostic tests on patients, monitor patients’ blood pressure, and collect patients’ medical data for use by health care providers.

Pharmacy Technician-

They work directly under the supervision of a pharmacist. They are known to perform a variety of tasks. Their primary duties include- helping to fill prescriptions, recording patients’ information, handling inventory stock, taking payments, processing insurance, etc. If you are planning to take the fast track to start a career in the healthcare industry, this profession could be a great choice!

Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant provides primary daily care to patients. Their roles and responsibilities may include- assisting patients with eating, bathing, and dressing; recording patients’ vital signs; and providing new information to senior nursing staff. This job often involves moving patients from wheelchair to bed or vice-versa! You can become a certified nursing assistant by completing CNA training at one of the best training institutes.

All of these career paths require a high school diploma. In addition, you can enroll yourself in specific training at a nearby training center and learn the necessary skills. Accredited training from a reputed institute can increase your chance of getting hired and earning a good salary!

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