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5 Skills that will Make You the Most Recommended CNA

With the surge in at-home patient stays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for Certified Nursing Assistants is increasing rapidly. A CNA steps in and plays the role of a nurse by providing round-the-clock patient care. The live-in CNA, also known as a Certified Nurse Aide, is responsible for delivering basic healthcare to patients dependent on them.

There are many hats that a CNA dons every day when caring for their patients. So the following five skills will play a crucial role in making your job easier for you and more pleasant for your patients.

Following a Set Protocol

This is the primary job description for a CNA. Every patient is put on a treatment plan by their doctor. As a nursing aide, you have to ensure that the patient is provided with the appropriate care abiding by the said plan. This includes administering medications, checking their vitals multiple times a day, seeing that they follow a healthy diet, and sometimes also working as a physical therapist.

Prepared for an Emergency

Although you are an assistant to a registered nurse, it is nonetheless crucial for you to know how to handle any emergency pertaining to your patient’s health conditions. Therefore, you should be prepared to administer CPR, give first aid, etc. if a situation arises.

Interpersonal Skills

One can argue this to be an important life skill, but communication plays a whole different role in a patient-caregiver relationship. Since you’ll be seeing each other every day, it’s natural for you to come to learn more about your patient’s nature. This can help you immensely in case they aren’t able to openly tell you their discomforts or concerns. Being a good communicator, you can maneuver the conversation to a more friendly topic to understand your patient well.

Attention to Detail

As you communicate with your patient, you’ll soon realize that not every person will openly discuss what is bothering them, and in some cases, may overexaggerate minor issues. It is understandable for a person fighting an illness to have mood swings. Here, you can help your patient better if you’re adept at picking up their non-verbal cues and helping them with their problems.

Empathy and Compassion

At the end of the day, every association works on a mutual connection of humanity. Thus, being humane is just as paramount for you as a Nursing Assistant as knowing which medication to provide as per your patient’s condition. You will find yourself caring for patients with terminal illnesses, the elderly struggling with dementia, and sometimes helping someone deal with a mental illness. Regardless of the diagnosis, being empathetic and exhibiting compassion in your every contact with the patient will help them better than any medication.

Thus, as outlined above, the job of a certified nursing assistant is more than just treating a disease or giving pills and shots. If you have an innate desire to serve a human being, you’ll be an excellent aide in making your patients’ lives easier and ease their discomfort. Consider enrolling in a certified nursing program at Cambridge Business Institute to start this rewarding journey.

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