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How to become a traveling phlebotomist and work your own hours

One of the best things about a Career as a phlebotomist is the flexibility. The right programs and certificates help phlebotomists to be more flexible by rewarding them with a lucrative career path. While this career choice does not require extreme training or time in school, it plays a significant role in the life of doctors, nurses and various other kinds of practitioners.

Phlebotomy is a great career path that even acts as a stepping stone for a better career in the healthcare industry. This career is perfect for the person who enjoys working with the public and wants to make people’s lives better. A career as a traveling phlebotomist offers a great way to travel the world. There is always an opening for phlebotomists abroad. From working in local blood drives to traveling to war zones, the demand for phlebotomists in always present.

What does a traveling phlebotomist do?

The responsibilities and duties of a traveling phlebotomist are the same as regular phlebotomists. The only difference is the location. While a regular phlebotomist works at the same venue every day, a traveling phlebotomist has the privilege to choose their work location. A traveling phlebotomist spends time in a variety of clinics and nursing homes to collect a variety of blood samples.

What are the necessary skills to become a traveling phlebotomist?

A phlebotomy career requires skills that become even more demanding when an individual decides to become traveling phlebotomist. To be a successful traveling phlebotomist, the following are skills that a person will need to have, along with the basic qualifications and certifications needed:

  • Ability to multitask as the schedule of traveling phlebotomist can become extremely hectic
  • Punctuality and reliability are necessary as it is important that the phlebotomist shows up on time for the appointment no matter where it is. This is extremely necessary as the there will be no one there to replace you.
  • People skills are also necessary as many people are scared of needles and need to be calmed. As there would be no doctors or nurses to assist, this needs to be done by the phlebotomist.
  • Another skill that is necessary for a traveling phlebotomist is the ability to store and transport the blood sample safely and securely. For that, you’ll need transportation that is reliable and clean.
  • Ability to clean and sanitize areas and the transportation vehicle effectively. Just like a regular phlebotomist, the vehicle and the place you work will be your workstation, they need to be clean always.
  • Along with people skills, traveling phlebotomists should have the ability to build working relationships with doctors and other professionals. These relationships are always valuable in the future.

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