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  • Road towards being a Pharmacy Technician

    With baby boomers aging, the new generation has to step up. This has resulted in high demand for the healthcare services. The healthcare industry has become one of the most profitable industry to have a career in. Due to the increasing openings, the need for pharmacy technicians is increasing. More and more individuals are opting for pharmacy technician schools.

    pharmacy technician schools

    What are pharmacy technicians?

    The pharmacy technicians are the healthcare professionals who work under the certified pharmacists. Under the direction of the head pharmacist, the technicians dispense the medicines to the patients. Being the one giving the medicines, the technicians need to be direct about the health of the patient and of the medicines present on the prescription.

    For filling the medicines, they interact with the patients making it necessary for them to have social skills. The pharmacy technicians measure, count, weigh or pour the medicines according to the prescription in the container and affix the appropriate label. Once the pharmacist has checked the contents, the medicine is forwarded to the customer.

    How to become a pharmacy technician?

    Just with the high school diploma, you cannot opt to become a pharmacy technician. You need to have the appropriate training and degree. This means that you would need to enroll yourself in the pharmacy technician schools.

    1. Complete the certification or associate degree course
      You need to enroll in the pharmacy technician program to become familiar with the various medications, procedures, terminology and the pharmacy law. The best part of the pharmacy technician program is the flexible hours and the on the job training.

    2. Complete the on-the-job training
      Before an internship, you need to familiarize yourself with the state regulations. Your formal pharmacy training will include the on the job training. You can opt for an internship also after you have completed your training. Your pharmacy program will give you the opportunity to learn how to interact with the patient, understand the written as well as verbal commands, and create pharmaceutical products in compliance with the set standards, policies and procedures of the state and the country.

    1. Get certified
      While all states do not need the technicians to be certified, we advise you to have the certification. The pharmacy technician certification opens a lot of career opportunities for you. With the certification, you will be able to work at big hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, multi-specialties, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

    Career Projection

    According to various studies, the career projection marks the job of pharmacy technician at roughly 20%. The increase in the demand for the skilled pharmacy technicians has created more opportunities for the technicians who want to make this a long-term career. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2015 reported the median annual salary of $30,410 for pharmacy technicians with certifications.

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