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Certified Nursing Assistant Courses.

Sometimes a job is not only recognized by the salary package or image in the market but it is also identified by one’s satisfaction.

If you love your job and that job is offering you full satisfaction, in a real sense, that is the appropriate job option for you.

Thus, if you also want a job which will not only give you the opportunity to earn good money but also provide you with a satisfying feeling by assisting other and give you a golden chance to get the warm blessing of needy persons, go for CNA.

A certified nursing assistant is one of the career options which can fulfill your this requirement. It is one of the field in which you will assist others and can earn their love also. CNA professionals are in high demand nowadays all over the Long Island and Hempstead locations in New York, thanks to a lucrative career outlook.

So, without wasting more time, get ready to enroll yourself in Certified Nursing Assistant Courses.

Education Necessities for CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

A couple of community colleges that give certificate programs in nursing assistance work closely with their state to make sure that candidates after completing graduation have fulfilled the minimum hourly and education necessities for certification. Certified nursing assistants are commonly employed by nursing homes and hospitals.

What exactly you will do after becoming a certified nursing assistant?

It is a type of job offer you to work closely with the patients. You are responsible for basic care services such as

  • Feeding patients

  • Assisting nurses with medical equipment

  • Checking patient vital signs

  • Grooming and

  • Bathing

CNAs provide patients essential social and emotional help and also give imperative information on patient conditions to nurses.

Nursing Certificate Programs

A certificate program in nursing assistance can be accomplished in a short period of time. Some community colleges need that students first complete a series of basic courses before formal admission into a certified nursing assistant certificate(CNA) program.

In these essential classes, a candidate learns a lot of essential terms and subject. Mainly the course covers the following areas:

  • Structure and function of the human body

  • Computer basics

  • CPR

  • First aid and

  • Medical terminology.

A Certificate in Nursing Assisting program may include of only two courses. One is a classroom course in basic patient care and the other is a clinical externship.

CNA Pay and Benefits

CNA pay and benefits will entirely depend on where you work. But as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2016-17 Occupational Outlook Handbook lists the annual median salary for CNAs are approximate $25,090.

It’s important to note that many CNAs are paid on an hourly basis so you may have a full chance to pick up more hours in order to fill in for other CNAs who are practising sick or vacation time.

The geographic location is one of the vital aspects in order to determine that how much you can earn as a certified nursing assistant. Because larger cities pay more than their smaller and inexpensive counterparts.

Although CNA pay and benefits may not be strong, there are a lot of other benefits to becoming a certified nursing assistant. Not exclusively will you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping other people can rest easy, however it can likewise be a strong venturing stone in your nursing profession. On the off chance that you choose to go to class to end up plainly an RN, a few projects will give you credit for CNA work involvement.

About Cambridge-edu

Cambridge-edu offers industry-standard CNA courses at its Hempstead location in New York. Please feel free to reach out to us for more details about the course.

Hands-on Training

We aim at providing hands-on training to prepare our students to work in a medical setting immediately after completing the course.

Flexible Classes

We provide flexible classes so you can study on a schedule that fits your needs. We provide weekdays and weekend classes.

Small class sizes

Smaller classes mean more one-on-one attention from the teacher along with enhanced learning and extra practice time.

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