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Different medical assistant specializations you can pursue that are high in demand in 2021

Clinical medical assistants are responsible for providing patient care, assisting doctors during medical procedures, and even collecting specimens for lab testing. They usually perform a wide range of job duties, including clinical tasks, medical assistance, and sometimes even administrative tasks. Clinical medical assistants usually work under the supervision of a senior physician. They can find employment in clinics, physician offices, hospitals, and specialty healthcare facilities. Clinical medical assistants can immediately start working after completing an Accredited Clinical Medical Assistant training in Hempstead, LI, NY. While pursuing a career as a medical assistant can land you an entry-level position, you can advance your career by opting for medical assistant specializations.
Medical assistant professionals can opt for an extensive range of specializations as per their interest after gaining experience. As medical healthcare assistants’ needs are increasing, and the healthcare activities are becoming more complex, the demand for medical assistants with specific skills in various fields is also growing rapidly. If you want to take advantage of these future opportunities, it is essential to gain the required experience to prepare for a specialization that is high in demand in 2021
Following are some of the specialties which will be highly in demand in the coming year:


Medical assistants with specialized skills and knowledge in performing job duties in a cardiologist’s office will be highly demanding in the coming year. Candidates aspiring to pursue a career in this field would need to be well-knowledgeable in the cardiovascular system, various heart conditions and diseases, taking electrocardiograms, preparing patients for cardiovascular procedures, accurately reporting test results, and have the ability to ease the patients’ anxiety during the procedure. They may also need to be able to conduct stress tests and EKG tests.


The employment opportunities for Ophthalmology medical assistants are expected to grow exponentially in the future. The job profile continues to be in high demand throughout the United States. It can lead to further career advancement as an ophthalmic technician with job stability and competitive pay in the future. Ophthalmology medical assistants are usually responsible for assisting ophthalmologists in performing diagnostic eye testing and assisting the physician during eye treatment procedures.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

As per the Journal of Women’s Health reports, the demand for OB/GYN care in the U.S. is expected to rise rapidly in 2021. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimated a projected increase in OB/GYN compensation in the coming years. The Obstetrics and gynecology medical assistants are typically responsible for assisting the physician with everything from minor health exams to gynecological surgeries, preparing patients for the examination and procedures, and also educating them regarding various health topics such as using birth control, sexual health, reproductive care, breast exams, and much more.


Endocrinology is a unique specialization that has been facing a shortage of Endocrinology Medical assistants for many years. Endocrinology Medical assistants are responsible for assisting endocrinologists by preparing patients for thyroid functions, administering tests, hormone injections, taking blood samples, taking urine samples, performing wound care, and educating patients about various procedures on the endocrine system. This job profile promises excellent career growth opportunities in the future.


Oncology Medical Assistants are always in demand in the medical industry. The oncology medical assistants provide medical care for patients with cancer, withdraw blood, schedule patient consultations, check-ins, chemotherapy, and much more. Oncology Medical Assistants’ demand is expected to continue to grow at a steady pace in the future.
To pursue a specialization as a medical assistant, candidates are required to complete an accredited medical assisting program in NY and gain some experience working as a medical assistant before opting for any selected specializations. So, if you have completed a GED or equivalent studies and decided to pursue a career in this field, get in touch with our team for expert guidance.

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