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EKG Technician: Educational Qualifications and Job Outlook

An electrocardiogram (EKG) technician uses specialized equipment to perform cardiovascular tests to identify and diagnose heart conditions. EKG technicians typically work under a physician’s supervision in hospitals, physicians’ offices, and diagnostic laboratories. Pursing the training required to become an EKG technician will provide you with a prospering field with ample opportunities for success and career advancement. EKG technicians are responsible for:

  • Performing various cardiovascular tests using advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Explaining the procedure to patients
  • Ensuring patient safety during the procedure
  • Identifying and collecting patient’s cardiovascular data for doctor’s analysis
  • Preparing EKG equipment for testing
  • And maintaining the equipment in top condition

If you have decided to pursue a career as an EKG technician, getting enrolled in an accredited EKG Training Program in NY should be your first step. The Cambridge Business Institute offers a comprehensive EKG Technician Certificate course for students aspiring to start a successful career in this field. Our EKG Training Program is designed to teach students the essential skills needed to conduct electrocardiograms and other similar tests.

What are the required educational qualifications for a career as an EKG Technician?

Students aspiring to become an EKG technician need a high school diploma or GED before enrolling in an EKG Technician course. Students may also further enroll in a certificate program or a two-year associate degree. EKG technicians are required to be knowledgeable in the following topics:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • Medical jargon
  • Interpreting EKG readings
  • Heart rhythms and deviations

In addition, they require practical hands-on training, which may include formal internships or on-the-job clinical training.

Job Outlook

The demand for skilled EKG technicians is high in the healthcare industry. The employment opportunities for EKG professionals are projected to grow by 22% by 2024. After completing the EKG Technician Certificate Program, students can pursue career opportunities in clinical laboratories, hospitals, independent laboratories, medical imaging facilities, specialty healthcare facilities, and private EKG centers. EKG technicians can also step towards bigger and better careers such as Medical Laboratory Technologist, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiation Therapists and more with additional certifications.
Enrolling in an accredited EKG technician certification program at the Cambridge Business Institute is ideal for students looking to pursue career growth opportunities in this field. Our course is designed to help students gain the required knowledge and hands-on training in conducting pulmonary and cardiovascular tests, operating electrocardiograms, and more.
If you are interested in becoming an EKG technician, get enrolled in our accredited EKG technician certification program and learn the required skills to start a successful career. Get in touch with our team to learn more.


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