What should we bring?

A valid government/school issued photo ID must be presented in order to take exams.

Are there things we cannot bring inside the testing room?

Lockers will be provided to store all items not permitted inside (phones, books, etc.)
Hats must be removed before entering the testing area.

What should I do if I have testing aids?

All testing aids must be presented to Testing Center staff AND authorized by your testing sponsor.
Testing aids may not be shared.

What is not allowed in the testing room?

Academic dishonesty (talking, cheating, etc.) is not permitted in the testing area.

Center policies regarding misconduct and academic integrity will be enforced.

Any irregularities will be reported.

What should we do after we are done with the testing?

All Testing Center materials must be returned to the proctor before leaving the testing area.

If you have any other questions and concerns please contact the proctor or your testing sponsor.