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Why is there an increased demand for home health aide professionals?

Recovery after an illness is a long-term process. Therefore, many elderly people tend to require the assistance of home health aides or assisted living communities (you can visit Chelsea Senior Living here for a better understanding). Home health aide professionals are typically responsible for taking care of elderly or chronically ill patients. They play a key role in helping individuals manage their daily chores and routines. They assist patients with their bathing, eating, taking medications, daily walks, etc. Those who cannot afford a home health aide might opt for assisted – inspired living ocoee or elsewhere. These individuals, whether in a senior care facility or at home are always in demand. It’s no secret that staffing shortages have been plaguing the healthcare industry. However, the shortage of home-health aide professionals has been dire ever since the pandemic.

Although the pandemic has been hard on everyone, elderly citizens have been especially facing difficulties since they often require assistance for many day-to-day chores. While some families may opt for senior assisted living for elders to ensure they get 24/7 facilities, others may choose to hire home health aid professional. As a result, there has been a significant shortage of senior aide professionals, whereas the demand for home care keeps increasing. As per reports, more than 800 thousand people across the U.S. require home health care services and have been struggling to find home care staff for assisted living. Keeping aligned with these requirements there are many organizations (check out this Senior Care Services In Bethlehem, PA for reference) that tend to provide in-house help for the senior citizens.

Also, to meet the increasing demand, many healthcare companies have started looking for caregivers who are skilled in providing in-home patient care. So, if you have ever thought about pursuing a career in healthcare assistance, now is a great time to get started by enrolling in professional Home Health Training in Long Island, NY. According to the statistics, the overall employment of in-home aides is projected to grow 41 percent by 2026. Therefore, the job opportunities for home caregivers are expected to grow exponentially over the next five years.

A home health aide training program usually takes less than 4 weeks to complete. At Cambridge Business Institute, we offer accredited home health aid training for individuals aspiring to establish a successful career in this field. Our training course consists of:

  • PART I – Personal Care Assistant (40 hours)
  • PART II – PCA+ 35 hours training
  • PART III – Internship in a Hospital/Home Care Agency (8 hours)

So, if you want to make a significant impact in peoples’ lives and pursue rewarding career opportunities in health care, become enrolled in our specialized home health aide training program in NY.
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