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CNA: a stepping stone for a professional career in healthcare

Becoming a registered nurse takes around two to six years. If you are among the many people who want to be part of the healthcare sector but do not want to spend that much time in school, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) degree is the stepping stone you should opt for.

What is a CNA?

As the name implies, a CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant is the professional who helps nurses with patient care. They are assistants to registered nurses and take part in various activities such as taking vital signs, patient transport and patient hygiene. As the length of the CNA training program is short, advanced medical procedures and anything related to the pharmaceuticals is not included. With basic tasks, the CNA plays a huge role to support the registered nurses.

The majority of organizations in the healthcare industry are understaffed. This means that with nursing assistants, the nurses are able to provide the right amount of attention to each and every patient and there is no compromise in the level of care. The presence of a CNA ensures that the level of care is either stable or increasing.

The CNA training program on average lasts from six to twelve weeks. Once the program is completed, graduates have to sit for an exam certifies them in their field. While certification isn’t necessary for the graduate, many employers prefer a CNA with certifications. This step is extremely important if the graduate wants to be a registered nurse later on in their career.

How CNAs transition to Nursing

The graduates of CNA training programs usually transition from CNA to LPN (licensed practical nurse) positions and later become RNs (registered nurses). This means that to reach your goal of being an RN, you will take small steps. Many professionals opt to enroll in the nursing program even when they have a certification as a nursing assistant. Whether a graduate opts to enroll from the beginning in a nursing program or prefers to take small steps, financial aid is always available. For the top assistants, many employers pay a part of tuition to help out.

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