CompTIA A+ is an essentially IT certification, held by over 1million IT professionals worldwide, for establishing an IT career. It will help to boost your best foot forward, if you’re new to the IT industry, and if you are already an IT professional, the CompTIA A+ certification validates your skills and can boost your career.

What is it all about?

CompTIA’s A+ certification is the starting line for a career in IT. It is also a leading vendor neutral certification exam for computer technicians. All the top hardware and software companies like Dell, Lenovo, IBM, HP, CompuCom and Intel have made it a requirement for their service technicians.
If you are confused whether becoming an A+ certified technical is a worthwhile investment on time or not, consider the benefits A+ certification exam provides:

Credibility: If you have the certification it shows that you have the required knowledge to perform the job.

Enhanced career opportunities: Recruiters also consider the certified candidates for job placements. Many companies such as CompuCom, CompUSA and IBM have also made A+ certification mandatory for their service technicians.

Better salary: Those candidates who are A+ certified have better salary options than non-certified candidates in equivalent position.

Greater confidence: Certification also gives candidates a higher level of confidence.

Credits towards other certifications: Certification program from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Novell and Certiport recognize CompTIA A+ certification in their advanced certification tracks.

Prerequisite for trainings: Candidates to be qualified for corporate and vendor specific training programs require candidates to be CompTIA A+ certified.

Wondering where to start?

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With the high demand for tech sector workers, this seems to be the perfect time to get the CompTIA A+.

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